TINGERA was founded by a group of investors and wealth managers in Cape Town, South Africa. Since our initiation in 2013, we have established a wide net of connections and investors that serve as our platform for global activity.

TINGERA's investment philosophy and joint experience in wealth and investment management have proven successful, and currently we are able to offer a wide range of global services and investment solutions to clients worldwide.

Our range of competitive investment solutions includes, fixed income and equity as well as alternative investments as hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate, commodities, and more.

TINGERA also offers tailor made investment ventures. We are experts in finding opportunities for our clients who are looking for long term and profitable investments in innovative startups.

The key to our success is our ability to tailor  exclusive solutions to address our clients' requirement. This can only be achieved by a company that holds both expertise and a valid web of global business connections. 

Also, we believe in making the best of our team's abilities. Since we have some of the best wealth managers and capital experts we feel comfortable to encourage them to make independent decision, which enhances their creativity and involvement.



Why are we the best?

Encouraged to make independent decisions based on the client's needs and desired risk level, our expert team can determine the portfolio's capital allocation according to an agreed principles agreement, set with the client.
One of our unique qualities is that this exclusive agreement with the clients, is always based on their own investment objectives.
We have a wide net of connections and investors that serve as a platform for our global activity, this enhances our investment opportunities and solutions.
Although we are capable of offering a wide range of investment solutions, we are not set out to promote any products or trendy investments that are not part of the clients' requirements and goals 


Our Expertise

TINGERA offers in house investment services. Our "all included" approach saves costs for our clients who also enjoy our professional and discreet investment skills. We can accommodate any client, anywhere, no matter the size of the investment.


Our Methodology

Evaluation- When we consider a new client's portfolio, we first analyze and evaluate their current investment positions and risk levels.

Risk level- We outline the client's requirements deciding together on the agreed risk level in order to create an optimized and well balanced portfolio.

Enhancing Returns - We consider how to enhance the portfolio's returns in the most cost effective way. 


Since investment companies basically tend to focus on results, which of course makes a lot of sense in our business, we also do that.

However, we believe that other core values should also be observed in order to be able to give our clients the best service and results possible. Our every employee and partner, is required to adopt TINGERA's 5 core values. We believe that it gives us an advantage and makes us a better investment company.







Our Main Services

  • Wealth management
  • Investment management
  • Portfolio Analysis and optimization
  • Tailor made investment solutions
  • Tax and legal consultation

Our Clients/Investors

  • Non profits, Public and Financial sectors
  • Capital advisors and portfolio managers
  • Private sector


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